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What sets us apart: We will draw up a plan for your yard and put you on a schedule, tailor to your needs. Tell us your specific concerns if you have any and we will post them in our routing schedule to pay specific attention to them

Mower blades are replaced at the end of every week and sharpened on Wednesdays. This is twice as frequent as the manufacturer suggests.

We are EASILY communicated to by text, call, or email.

Contracts aren’t required.

We ARE able to do “one-time” mows, we will do our best to fit them in our route if we can.

We ARE able to mow bigger lots.

We use an edger on edges of lawn for a perfect edge, a weedeater around the house and everywhere else.

Standard procedures: all employees are trained in every aspect of the job, all team leaders are able to speak English fluently, all team members wear safety green long sleeve shirts with company phone number and logo displayed boldly. Gates are always shut, porch always blown off, view from the street and from the front porch are always checked “for stray strands of grass poking up” all this should be second nature to us as each crew cuts 100 yards+ per week. All equipment is commercial equipment and we NEVER buy used equipment (a lot more expensive when bought but better quality work and cuts, less breakdowns and better overall reliability)

We use 21” cut mowers (standard size mower) on normal sized lawns. We have experimented with bigger mowers on normal sized lawns but have found that the heavy weight breaks sprinkler heads with the tires, have less quality(especially on uneven ground or valleys in the turf), leaves ruts more often from the heavy weight distributed through the tires, can only fit into some gates. So for this reason, we only use bigger mowers on lots that are ½ acre or larger.

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